Definition of business strategy, analysis of the present situation and the company’s future repositioning.

  • Elaboration of the Strategic Plan.
  • Elaboration of Sectoral Plans and of the different business areas.
  • Development of business indicators and monitoring.
  • Development of the different departments‘ strategies and of the company´s business areas.

Corporate finances

Financial consultancy aiming to maximize benefits and optimize resources, which includes:

  •  Planification of new businesses: financial projections, investment plans, company´s financial viability studies, financing needs.
  • New business development: establishment and update of the financial Balance Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Business improvement: Plans to improve profitability, solvency and liquidity.

The key element that moves a company forward is human resources, and at the same time, it is the most complex. . Our belief is that human resources issues must be handled with experience, seniority and a lot of common sense. That is our motto.

Among others, we work in the areas of:

  • Definition of the Human Resources policy, key aspects and its consistency with the company´s strategic plan and the objectives.
  • Identification of key persons and the need for incorporation of new talent.
  • Design and implementation of career development plans and performance evaluation systems.
  • Staff structure by groups and categories.
  • Design of variable compensation systems by objectives for directors and managers.
  • Design of welcome plans and corporate communication.
  • Study of the staff´s and of the organization´s training needs.
  • Counselling in Dual Training and on new forms of incorporation to the company´s staff.
  • Strategic advice in labor and union relations.
  • Negotiation with social agents.

Companies that operate in the present market are often forced to assess their tangible and intangible assets.

however, calculating their value and knowing what has occurred with certain processes or operations is crucial to be able to learn from what has been done, to value the company´s capital and goodwill, and in some cases to claim or to defend ourselves against demands.  Thus, we are specialist in  the forensic assessment of:

  • Corporate finances
  • Sources of profit and its optimization
  • Computer systems analysis
  • Staff assessment:
    Retirements, disability, remaining working life
  • Company´s income foregone and losses
  • Company´s activity and its evolution, focusing on the following sectors: Healthcare, Social Services, Construction, Environment, Industrial, Hotels and Foodserving.

At some point in a company´s lifetime, it is necessary, either to grow by purchasing, to sell the business in order to survive, or to make alliances with a third party to continue with more strength.

In all these cases, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive study and a profound assessment of the company beforehand:

  • Proper company´s assessment.
  • Creation of the company´s “portfolio” and identification of strengths and business opportunities.
  • Preparation of financial statements and human resources for operation.
  • Elaboration of “Due Diligence”.
  • Accompaniment up to the end of the operation process.
  • Creation of new enterprises or alliances as a result of the process.

Companies as well as non for profit organizations and administrations need sectoral studies which analyze business and social parameters

All this, aimed at providing a more accurate forecast in business planning and in corporate strategy implementation, or aimed at providing a better knowledge of the client, the market or the users.

With a multidisciplinary team of collaborators, we are able to undertake studies which are adapted to the needs of our clients, from a wide range of activities and study parameters to specific business sectors and punctual indicators.

The complexity of Public Administrations and the way they operate may complicate the relations between companies and public entities.

Administration Consulting is based on:

  • Legislative analysis of the rules to be observed in the performance of the business activity.
  • Comprehensive legal advice for participation in call for tenders and contracts with Public Administration, which includes all aspects and bodies: local, autonomic, national and European.
  • Management and processing of complex licenses before the Administration, regarding environmental, urbanistic, business and nonprofit organizations activities.

On the grounds of the professional trajectory of part of our team, we have decided to make available our knowledge and experience to healthcare organizations.

Healthcare and its related areas of operation are a constantly growing fields of activity. Thus, we offer personalized consultancy with hands-on knowledge in:

  • Strategy and Development Plans for Healthcare Organizations.
  • Clinical Management.
  • Clinical Units.
  • Analytical aspects of Clinical Practice, Management and Organization of Processes.
  • Executive Management Development and Human Resources.
  • Design and Methodology for health technologies, infrastructure and equipment assessment.
  • Relation and contracting with Healthcare Public Administrations.
  • Consultancy on the development of e-Health.
  • Good governance.

We offer our clients Urbanistic and Administrative Concession Consultancy Services related to properties and industries.

Our services are rendered from an integral perspective, through technical and legal consulting in all fields of Urbanism and at every stage of project, starting with an exact and deep knowledge of the potential developments of the land, properties, administrative concessions, etc.

The key point of our services is our profound understanding of the field as well as a correct interpretation of all legal and administrative aspects, which is accompanied by a great capacity to manage different situations by providing solutions, not only for the elaboration of instruments, but also for its monitoring and management before Public Administrations.

The existing complexity of Spanish Urbanism and its Administrative Concessions System, along with its legal implications (environmental, tax, procedural, etc.), make it of the utmost importance  to have specialized supervision and coordination of all professionals involved in the project in order to properly defend the interests of the property developers.