Director Partners

Nicolás Almagro Bocanegra

Graduate in Economics and Business Administration by the University of Seville. Master Degree in Executive Management by the International Institute San Telmo. He has ample knowledge in Law and Financial Economics, with more than 20 years of experience in senior management positions. He has been General Director of one of the most important medical transport company in the country, and General Director in the fashion sector, in internationally renowned fashion companies.

  • He is Director and an specialist in the fields of Corporate Business, Financial, General Management, Accounting and Strategy.
  • Partner and Director in the fields of Corporate Business, Financial and General Management, Accounting and Strategy.
  • General Director of the SSG Group (Healthcare sector).
  • Economic and Financial Director of the SSG Group.
  • Corporate and General Director in the fields of textile and fashion.
  • Member of the Executive Board of several companies.

Miguel F Costa Simón

Graduate in Law, Master in Human Resources by ESADE and Executive Management Development Program by IESE. He was an assistant professor of European Environmental Law at the Hotel Management School at the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands).

He also has extensive experience in the public sector: Director of Management of the Balearic Institute of Water and Coast; General Secretary of the Balearic Institute of Nature; Secretary General of Water Department of the Balearic Environmental Council; Human Resources Director at the Hospital of Manacor (first Healthcare Foundation of the Ministry of Health); Human Resources General Director of the Balearic Healthcare System (IBSalut); ex-member of the Human Resources National Commission of the Ministry of Health.

In the private sector, he has extensive experience as Head Manager in environmental enterprises, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations in different fields, such as aviation and banking companies. Independent consultant in companies of different sectors; and member of various executive boards.

  • Managing Partner specialized in the areas of Corporate Business, Strategic Management, Legal, Human Resources and Public Administration.
  • Specialist in Criminal Compliance.

Miguel Tomás Gelabert


Graduate in Medicine and Surgery, Specialist in Family Medicine, Medical Consultant at the Emergency Service 061 belonging to the Public Balearic Healthcare System (IBSALUT).
Extensive experience in Health Management as Medical Director and General Manager in Hospitals and other Healthcare Organizations.

He has been Medical Director of the Emergency Service SAMU 061, Medical Director of the USP Palma Planas Hospital, Medical Director of Son Espases University Hospital and of the Llevant Health Complex.

In the area of Management, he has been Subdirector of Patient Care of the Balearic Public Healthcare System as well as its General Director (Balearic Government).

He has specialized training in Emergency Medicine and in Healthcare Organizations Management, which includes the Master in Management of Clinical Units of the Carlos III University in Madrid, and the Master in Emergencies of the University of the Balearic Islands.

Among other specializations, he is an expert in Medical Management of the Official College of Physicians of the Balearic Islands (COMIB).

He has been a member of the National Commission of the Spanish Ministry of Health representing the Balearic Government.

He has ample experience as RCP trainer and is a frequent speaker in congresses and specialized meetings in the fields of Health Management and Medical Consultancy.

  • Senior Consultant at Kun Consulting in the area of Health Management.